A report by the Australian Institute of Family Health shows there is a ‘rising tide of children’ needing more foot height in nurseries

By Mark RobertsUpdated April 08, 2020 19:16:21New research has found more than one-third of babies born in Australia’s top-performing hospitals are likely to have lower than average foot height.

Key points:A study by the University of Sydney says babies born into Australia’s highest-performing nurseries are more likely to be shorter than average than babies born elsewhereThe study says parents are less likely to give a child the ‘extra height’ that is associated with being tallerNew research from the University in Sydney has found babies born to high-performing hospitalised mothers are more than twice as likely to reach a height of less than one metre.

Researchers from the Australian National University and the Australian Centre for Population Health and Policy say there is “a growing body of evidence” showing “a rising tide of child and adolescent growth problems”.

“We know that there is an increasing risk of infant mortality associated with low foot height,” Associate Professor Michael Dutton from the U of S’s School of Population and Public Health told ABC News Breakfast.

“In many countries across the world, we are seeing increased rates of infant death.”‘

This is the tip of the iceberg’Professor Dutton said the study found babies who were born to mothers with a higher risk of heart disease were “more likely to die” and that these mothers “have a higher prevalence of certain cardiovascular conditions”.

“The implication is that the risk of premature mortality is more likely in these women than in other mothers,” he said.’

I can’t understand why’The study, published in the International Journal of Epidemiology, examined data from a cohort of more than 6,400 babies born between 1991 and 2002.

It looked at all the children born to women in the top-10 percent of all births in Australia in the first year of their lives, from the ages of six months to six years.

It found that babies who lived in hospitals had a higher than average risk of death, but the risk varied depending on the hospital.

Researchers say the most common cause of death in hospitals was congenital heart disease, which could be related to maternal smoking, low birth weight, or the lack of exercise.

“There is a growing body, if not a majority, of evidence that indicates that low birth height and obesity in early childhood can be associated with the risk for cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes,” Associate Dean Dr Kate Kelly from the Centre for Health Security and Development at the University said.

“While we don’t yet know the mechanism, we know that it is associated primarily with maternal smoking.”

We don’t know what is driving this, but we do know that obesity in children, particularly those who are born in hospitals, is linked to the increased risk of type 2 Diabetes.

“The study also found babies at high risk of respiratory disease were more likely than babies at low risk to die at term.

It is unclear how many babies are born at low birth weights.

The Australian Institute for Family Health says the average birthweight in the country is 2.7 kilograms (4.4 pounds).

But the report found “a significant rise in the proportion of infants at low-birth-weight babies who die during their first year at term”.”

Although a significant proportion of these babies will live to be two years old, the vast majority will die of respiratory problems,” the report said.

Professor Dutesh Shah from the Center for Health Innovation and Quality at the Australian Research Council said “high-risk” babies were more at risk of dying than those with similar birthweight.”

High-risk babies are at higher risk for developing respiratory problems and complications later in life, including heart failure and respiratory depression,” he told ABC Radio National.”

They are also more likely, as babies reach their teenage years, to be overweight or obese and to suffer from asthma, hypertension and diabetes.

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