Which trees are changing the landscape of Australia?

In this episode of Time’s The Future of Trees podcast, we take a look at the rise and fall of a tree species and its impact on the environment.

This week we look at two species: the common rosewood and the spruce.

The rosewood, which can grow up to 15 metres high, is native to central Australia and is a common timber for many houses and dwellings.

In some parts of the world, it is also a key timber for homes.

In Australia, rosewood is being grown in the northern and southern halves of the country.

The common rosewoods is found in Queensland and Western Australia, and in the Northern Territory.

Both species have been affected by climate change.

It is estimated that the common rises are losing up to 40 per cent of their woody mass over the past few decades, while the spruces are losing about 60 per cent.

But the impacts of climate change are not limited to the spurs.

In addition to their ecological importance, the common and spruce also have an important role in the ecosystem.

These plants are important for the formation of soils, which are critical to the health of ecosystems.

But their impact on other plants is also significant.

The spruce is particularly important for some types of trees, such as the red maple.

In the south-east of the continent, spruce trees grow on slopes and cliffs, and these can act as habitat for many different species of trees.

The red maple has become a common and important species of tree, but its population is also threatened.

There is evidence that the red oak has been declining due to climate change, with a decline in the numbers of the tree that has been found to be the most resilient.

As the common redwood shrinks, other species of redwood, like the red spruce, are also going extinct.

So, how do the rosewoods and sprucs affect the environment?

Both species are important to the food chain, and they are also important for native forests.

Both are important trees because they provide wood for houses and buildings, but the common has an impact on plants that live in the same ecosystems.

These include species such as sycamores, blackthorn, and black spruce and white pine.

The tree is also important in Australia’s soils, and is important for carbon sequestration in the soil.

In fact, the red and common rose forests are among the most carbon-rich in the world.

But there are some species that can have a negative impact on this ecosystem.

For example, the white spruce may be more sensitive to drought than the rosewood.

And the common spruce can be more susceptible to drought.

Both trees can also help to buffer soils from erosion and other environmental stresses.

They can be particularly important in areas that have been damaged by fire and other natural disasters.

In our new book, Tree Wars, we explore how the loss of these trees and their accompanying ecosystems has been linked to a number of climate changes, such a heat wave, drought, wildfires, and extreme weather events.

In this edition of The Future Of Trees, we look more closely at some of the other species that are also affected by change in the landscape.

We also take a closer look at some new species and how they are being affected by this change.

This episode of The Time of Trees was produced by The ABC’s Future of Australia program.

It was first broadcast on September 15, 2018 and can be found on the ABC iPlayer.

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