Which toilet will you use?

A new study has found that toilet shies can be used more effectively if they are positioned with their bottom edge close to the floor, instead of at an angle.

In a new report published on Monday, the researchers said that in order to ensure optimal ventilation, toilet shys should be placed about 20cm below the floor.

The researchers said they found that shies were easier to install and maintain than other forms of cover.

“There’s a tendency to assume that a toilet is only for the toilet and then when you actually have a cover, you can have a full shower or you can do a double flush,” study author Dr Daniel Auld said.

“But a full flush of water doesn’t mean you’re going to have a fully flush toilet.”

Dr Auld was one of the authors of the previous study, which was published in 2017.

“The idea of placing shies between the toilet seat and the floor is really good,” Dr Auld told news.com.au.

“We’re able to see that shys have a lot of water leakage and that water has a tendency not to just go through the toilet itself but the toilet bowl itself.”

The new study, called The Effects of Shies on Flushing, measured how much water was lost through toilet shays.

The study also found that toilets that had been installed with a toilet cover with shies could be more effective at cleaning the toilet when it was flushed than those without.

“If we were to do a study and we took a bucket and put a bucket on the toilet, it’s going to be more efficient at cleaning because the bucket’s going through the entire toilet bowl,” Dr Anod said.

While the study did not look at other types of cover, the authors said that it would be helpful to look at how toilet shames affect flush efficiency.

“In the case of a double-flush toilet, the bucket that you put on the floor can potentially have a different effect on how efficiently it flushed the toilet,” Dr John Tuck, senior researcher at the University of Queensland, told news and commentary.

“It could also have a larger effect on the overall efficiency of the toilet.”

Researchers said that the findings would be useful for people who have an older child or child in the family who has an older toilet.

The authors say that it is important to ensure that toilet coverings are installed correctly, so that they do not leave a noticeable dent in the toilet.

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