BMW i3, i3 Premium: More features and a price tag

Posted November 14, 2018 10:12:15The BMW i4 and i3 are the latest in a long line of premium BMW cars to be upgraded with high-end features and new technologies.

The new BMW i5 will have all the bells and whistles of the previous model, including a more powerful turbocharged V6 and an all-wheel drive system.

The new i5 Premium will also come with the same tech and features as the i3 and i5, and will also feature a more luxurious interior, as well as an upgraded suspension, electric power steering and an upgraded power rear axle.

The i5 also gets a host of new technology like a 3D camera and automatic parking, which are part of BMW’s new Autonomous Driving Technology, which is part of the company’s efforts to make the BMW i lineup more secure and secure for everyone.

The premium BMW i8 will come with a slightly more expensive price tag, and it will be offered in three different models, the Premium i8, i8 Plus and i8 Sport.

The i8 Premium is a 4-door sedan that starts at $68,000, while the i8 is priced at $88,000.

The latter two will be available in five different trim levels.

The BMW Premium i3 has been around since the mid-1990s, and has been the most popular car in BMW’s lineup since.

The company announced the i5 premium model earlier this year, and the i7 Premium was introduced at the same time.

The next-generation i3 will have a new rear axle and a turbocharged engine that can produce 600 horsepower and 450 lb.-ft. of torque.

The next-gen i3 also has a more efficient powertrain that can deliver an EPA-estimated 238 mpg city/combined and 265 mpg highway/combine.

The most important new technology in the i6 is the Audi Active Assist, which can adjust the car’s braking and steering based on the driver’s position and input.

The car can also offer an adaptive cruise control system that can adjust brake pressure based on road conditions.

The 2018 BMW i7, the first premium model from the company, will come in three new trim levels, the i2, i6 and i7 Plus.

The premium i7 will come out in the U.S. and Europe in the coming weeks.

The base i7 is priced between $97,000 and $115,000 in the US and Europe, while premium i6 will be priced between £99,000 to £110,000 for the U and Europe.

The 2017 BMW i6 has been BMW’s best selling car for a long time, and that includes the i9, which came out earlier this month.

The 2017 i7 has been a hot seller for years, but now the company is finally getting the luxury model it’s been dreaming of.

The 2018 BMWi7 will cost between $99,995 and $122,995 in the United States and Europe (around £87,995 to £114,995).

The 2017-2018 BMW iM and iM Premium models are also expected to get a facelift.

The latest BMW i2 has been redesigned to look like the Audi Q5, while an all new BMWi3 sedan and a new BMW3 coupe are also planned for 2019.

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