Hackers set up to monitor your emails and other data

Hackers are now using a new tactic to monitor emails and online activity.

They are taking advantage of a new security flaw in the popular email and messaging app, Telegram, that allows them to remotely intercept and monitor email and other communications, including chats and instant messages.

The technique, called “trusted key management,” is an advanced version of an already popular cyberattack that was used last year in the attack on the U.S. Democratic National Committee, and which has become the focus of new research by cybersecurity firm Trend Micro.

The attackers have developed a way to use Telegram to access an encrypted connection between a user and the encrypted account of a third party, a process known as “trusting key management.”

This allows the attacker to read the encrypted messages, which are encrypted by default, and also the contents of the encrypted connection, in order to determine who is sending them and where they are going.

An attacker can intercept messages and chats sent to the trusted key management account.

The message, which the attacker intercepts, then can then be sent to a third-party.

The third party then decrypts the message and sends it to the attacker, who in turn decrypts it and sends the message to the third-parties.

The encryption key is then transmitted to the sender, who then decrypt the message.

The attacker then has full control over the messages.

In this case, the message sent to an attacker could have been sent to someone else or to a trusted third party that does not have the user’s private key.

The attackers can use this new technique to read messages and chat logs from the account of an anonymous user and decrypt messages that are sent from a third person.

The messages that the attacker has read have also been encrypted.

According to Trend Micro, the method of this new attack can be used to send messages and send files to a user’s account in order for the attacker’s computer to send them to the victim.

This new technique can also be used for “reverse engineering” of encrypted messages.

By analyzing a message and analyzing the content of the messages, the attacker can identify the sender and recipients.

The attack also can identify what kinds of files were being encrypted, and what types of files are being transmitted.

When the attackers get the message, they can then decrypt it and send it to another account.

It is unclear whether the attack is new or a new vulnerability in the messaging app.

In April, the New York Times reported that the messaging apps Telegram and Snapchat have been the targets of cyberattacks by a group called the Cozy Bear, which targeted the messaging services.

The Telegram team confirmed to the Washington Post that the vulnerability is new, saying the researchers did not use it to exploit any existing vulnerabilities.

They said the vulnerability affects only Telegram versions 1.5.3 and 1.6.0.

Snapchat did not respond to a request for comment.

In an email, Telegram said that it “strongly encourages users to be vigilant about the use of their Telegram account” and “to be wary of any message that they send to others.

We also encourage users to always verify any encrypted messages they receive before they share them.”

The company said it has added new safeguards in recent days to prevent this new exploit from being used.

Telegram said it will soon offer a new feature that allows users to block certain types of messages sent to accounts, such as those containing private information or those containing personally identifiable information.

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