F1’s Williams to run with the old-fashioned cars

The Williams team will use the old cars that were on the grid for the 2006 and 2007 seasons as part of its development for this season, according to team principal Guillaume Rocquelin.

The new cars, dubbed the F1 Cars, will be run by Williams in the UK, the team’s chief development officer Chris Wood said.

Williams, with its current F1 cars being used by Renault, has had to abandon some of its old-school technologies to keep up with the changing technology of F1.

In the past few years, Williams has been pushing hard to adapt to the latest technology, which will see it using more electric motors, more lightweight materials and a lower carbon footprint than it has in recent years.

Its F1 team will have two versions of the cars that are identical to those used by the teams of the 1990s.

The first will be a low-slung car with a lower nose that can be used for the new high-slant cars.

The second, a mid-slide, low-top version will be used in both the lower-sliding cars and the mid-rampers.

Wood said the cars would be similar in their appearance and appearance-related technologies to the cars used by teams like Renault and Ferrari.

“The goal is to have something that is a little bit more comfortable for the driver, a little more lightweight, a bit less aerodynamic, and something that suits the car that we have in mind,” Wood said at the FIA World Endurance Championship launch in Geneva.

“So it is not a pure carbon-fibre version of the current cars, which have to be designed with the engine in mind.

Williams is aiming to have a car that is ready for the 2017 season, but Wood said that the cars were still a long way from that.

He said that for the current season, Williams would still have its VJM09 cars, a car which was originally intended to be used to start the season, and would have a second car with the VJM12.

We are working on a few more cars to see how they are.

Williams will not be using them, he said.

Williams is expected to make the cars available for testing by the end of January, although the cars will not have been shown on the track at this stage.

At the Geneva launch, Williams revealed that it had received permission from the FIA to run the new cars on track.

I have been very pleased with the progress that we’ve made over the past three years and I’m pleased that our customers and partners have welcomed us back,” Wood added.

“We know that we can deliver an amazing experience with the new car and we look forward to delivering on that promise.”

Williams will use a range of carbon-composite materials to the new F1 car, including a carbon-ceramic composite used in the cockpit and in the nose.

The car will also use carbon-spall-reinforced plastic and a carbon composite used on the rear of the chassis.

While Williams has always had the car to suit its own preferences, Wood said the new-build cars would not be a one-size-fits-all approach.

Ferrari is expected be running two versions in 2017, with the most expensive version being a carbon ceramic F1 design.

Last year, Williams announced that it would not use a carbon fiber body on the new Ferrari F458 Italia, and instead used a carbon plastic composite on the F50.

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