Why do Juventus train so much?

The Italian giants train with a strict approach, a strict style of play and an uncompromising mentality, as explained by Giuseppe Di Stéfano, the president of the Italian Professional Football League (APL).

“We train for 90 minutes,” said Di Stefano, “but at the end of the session, we have a full lunch, which lasts a couple of hours.

We eat only one or two things.”

This approach to training is one that is very prevalent in the Italian football world, as Di Stebola points out.

It was the same approach used in the World Cup and, in the end, the team came out on top.

“It is not easy for a team to train for more than 90 minutes in the afternoon,” Di Stecano said.

“That’s why there is such a strong and hard working culture within our football team.” 

The Italian football elite have always been one of the best in the world, but in recent years the national teams have been under pressure from UEFA, who have introduced stricter rules to prevent teams from winning games.

In 2016, Italy’s Under-21 team lost out to Spain’s youth team in the European Championship, and a year later, the Under-20 side was beaten by the senior side in a group-stage match.

This is why Di Stetano said that the Italian national team needed to be “the strongest team in Europe” and that this was the reason why the club has had such a long and successful history. 

“This is the strongest and most dedicated national team in European history,” Di Plozza said. 

The club has won six Serie A titles and six Champions League titles. 

In 2018, the club won the Copa del Rey.

“We have always won,” Di Pozzo said.

Di Stedano is right: Juventus has a very strong tradition of success.

But while this is good news for the future of the club, it is not enough for Di Stèfano.

He said that “a certain level of culture” was needed to maintain this legacy and ensure that “this is not an excuse to lose games”.

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